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Refrigerator Repair Edmonton


When you need a refrigerator repair, we understand that it’s usually not something you can wait around to have fixed. The last thing you want is to have all that food in your fridge go bad while you’re waiting to have a repair technician come out and fix the problem. Our goal is to give the fastest service possible and resolve your problem in the shortest time. EasyFix is GUARANTEED give YOU the best service you have ever had.

Common Refrigerator problems:

  • refrigerator not cooling
  • refrigerator freezer is cold but refrigerator is warm
  • refrigerator leaking water
  • refrigerator freezing food
  • refrigerator not defrosting
  • refrigerator is noisy or loud
  • refrigerator defrost drain clogged
  • refrigerator water dispenser not working
  • refrigerator ice maker not working
  • refrigerator light not working
  • refrigerator ice dispenser not working
  • Washer Repair Edmonton


    If you find yourself suddenly needing a washer repair, you’ll probably also suddenly realize how much you’ve been taking your washing machine for granted. When you want the best service for your washer repair, you’ve come to the right place – EasyFix. We know that you need to get your washer back up and running ASAP!

    Finding your washing machine out of order means you have to quickly start thinking of alternatives that probably aren’t very appealing to you. Like sending all your clothes out to get laundered and dry-cleaned. That’s a serious waste of the cost of a perfectly good evening out on the town! Call us and we will take care of this issue so quickly that you will not feel there even was a problem.

    Common Washer Problems:

    • washer won’t spin
    • washer is making loud noise
    • washer won’t agitate
    • washer won’t drain
    • washer vibrating or shaking
  • washer fills slowly
  • washer won’t start
  • washer overflowing
  • washer door or lid won’t lock
  • washer stops mid cycle
  • Dryer Repair Edmonton


    You woke up in the morning to work and your work clothes are on hangers in basement and have not dried? You probably have a problem with the dryer. The dryer problem today can be a major issue. We can help with fast service so that you can return to your routine without any problems. Our technicians carry most parts to solve the common problems, so call us and we will provide the best and fastest service you have ever received.

    Common Dryer Problems:

    • dryer won’t heat
    • dryer stopped spinning
    • dryer takes too long
    • dryer overheating
  • dryer won’t stop
  • dryer tripping breaker
  • dryer make noise
  • Dishwasher Repair Edmonton


    Sometimes dishwashers can give you tough times by failing to work properly. Our company has worked with different models, types and brands of dishwashers, and gained valuable experience in solving issues related to dishwasher repair. We will never hesitate to provide proper assistance should you need appliance repair help. We have the ability to repair your appliance in the fastest time – guaranteed.

    Common Dishwasher Problems:

    • dishwasher not cleaning
    • dishwasher not draining
    • dishwasher buttons not working
    • dishwasher lights flashing or blinking
    • dishwasher leaking
    • dishwasher leaking from motor area
    • dishwasher won’t start
  • dishwasher won’t latch
  • dishwasher dispenser not dispensing soap
  • dishwasher won’t fill
  • dishwasher making noise
  • dishwasher overflowing
  • dishwasher not drying dishes
  • Oven/Range Repair Edmonton


    Experiencing problems with your oven/range? Food is not well cooked? The unit is not baking? Can’t get the desired temperature? All of these and many other problems indicate that you will probably need an oven/range repair service.

    When problems of this kind occur, the best solution is to call EasyFix and reach out for our oven/range repair technicians. Our guys can successfully solve any problems you have with your oven/range.

    Common Oven/Range Problems:

    • oven not heating
    • oven doesn’t bake evenly
    • stove heating element not working
    • oven temperature not accurate
    • oven light is out
    • oven won’t turn on
  • oven not self-cleaning
  • oven won’t turn off
  • stove surface element won’t turn off
  • oven door repair
  • oven fan won’t turn off
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